What searches should be carried out?


The following searches should be undertaken prior to the purchase of a property - whether commercial or residential and other searches may be required depending on the location, type and age of the property.

Local Authority Searches

The local authority searches provide information such as:

Details of past and proposed planning relating to the property

Whether the access road is maintained at the public expense

If the property is a listed building or in a conservation area and/or

If there are any tree preservation orders in place. 

Water & Drainage

This search confirms whether the property has:

Foul water draining to a public sewer

Surface water draining to a public sewer

If the property has mains water supply and/or 

If there is a water main, sewer or drain within the boundaries of the property – please note that this is particularly useful if you are considering extending the property at all.


The environmental search will highlight whether there is a possibility the land is contaminated. The search may also cover ground stability issues and flood risk. 

Please note: An actual inspection of the property is not carried out; should you have any particular concerns please let us know as we are able to instruct a search which includes a physical inspection of the property.  

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