What additional searches may be required?


In addition to the three main searches that we must carry out on any property purchase - Local Authority, Drainage and water, and Environmental - a number of further searches may be required for your property purchase as outlined below. We will notify you which searches you should consider as they will depend on the location, age and type of property you are purchasing. 

Chancel Indemnity

The Chancel search provides guidance as to whether there is any potential liability of the property owners to contribute to the cost of repairing the chancel of the parish church. 


A mining search provides details of past, current and potential future mining near the property. 
The search also highlights if there has been any ground stability problems as a result of past mining and/or any compensation paid for damage caused. 

Non-Coal Mining PlanVal

The non-coal mining planval search provides an assessment of risk of mine related subsidence and settlement. 


The environmental search will provide limited information on flooding however, if you are concerned about the risk of flooding at the property, then a separate flood search can be ordered to obtain further information. 

Depending on the search selected, the results will highlight things such as:
Surface water flood risk
Presence of river and flood defences
Flood water storage areas.


The Local Authority searches only provide information on planning applications affecting the property.

To obtain information from a wider area a planning search can be ordered and includes things such as: 
Planning applications within 250m of the property
Mobile mast data
Local amenities.

Instead of the search, you may instead wish to contact the local authority as much of the information may be freely available. 

Development Assist

The Development Assist search looks at matters such as existing planning information, identifies development potential of the property and provides a professional opinion on future development within a 75m radius of the property. 

The search includes a planning search as described above. 

Transport & Infrastructure   

There are various searches we can carry out for you if you have a particular concern or have been made aware of a particular issue relating to transport or infrastructure.

Some of the searches available include:
London underground
High Speed 2 Rail Link
Metro Midlands
Croydon Tramlink
Sheffield Supertram
Blackpool Transport Tramway. 

Energy & Infrastructure

The Energy and Infrastructure search covers various projects across the UK, in particular: 
High speed rail networks 
Whether the property is located near areas licenced for on-shore energy exploration including fracking
Proposed wind farms.

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