How long will searches take?


The time it takes for search results to be obtained can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the location of the property, the number and type of searches that need to be conducted and the response times to search requests from external bodies.

Typically, searches will take around 2-3 weeks but may take longer for more specialised searches.

We will keep in regular contact with you in respect of the timescales given by the respective search providers for responding. Once we receive the results of all the searches, we will report to you on the results and their implications. In addition, we may need to ask additional enquiries of the Seller’s solicitor should the results require further investigation. We will also work with you to resolve any issues which are flagged up by the search results including the possibility of taking out an indemnity insurance policy if applicable.

What happens if a search result raises an issue?  

There are times when the results of a search may unearth something of which you are completely unaware. For example, tree preservation orders over all the trees in the garden of the property you wish to purchase or a drain in the middle of the property over which the drainage and water undertaker requires access.

On other occasions, the results of a search may provide you with more information about something you may be aware of but didn’t fully understand how it may affect the property. For example, confirmation that part of the road in front of, or near your house is not publically maintained which then requires further investigation as to what rights of access the property enjoys over the road and also whether there are any cost implications for the owner of the property. 

Searches will allow you to make informed decisions with all of the facts available.

If you don’t find out about an issue with, or at, a property until the sale has gone through you have no or little recourse from the seller or authorities. 

During your transaction, we will talk to you about the searches you will need, any additional searches you should consider and the fees payable.

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